Here at our yurts in Devon we are having a fabulous time!! Happy days on our farm with lots of visitors in our yurts, having holidays of a lifetime!! I read yesterday that Devon is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK. Good news for us as we love it when the yurts are full. And so many past visitors say that yurts in Devon are such an amazing base from which to explore the surroundings.

Dartmoor woodland

The bluebell woods at Dartmoor Yurt Holiday

The honeymooners are loving the peace and quiet and are very happy to have left the trappings of modern life behind them for a few days. They’ve stayed in Sunshine Yurt twice before and wanted to have their honeymoon here which we consider a great honour! The family from London have just left and say they will be back next year. They loved lighting the fire to heat the water for their shower and rowing the inflatable boat on the lake.

The previous guests  caught two trout in the lake  by Lake Yurt but luckily they  threw them back in for the next  fishing aficionados who come to stay! Horses in every field (apart from where the sheep are grazing). Neighbour Steve just sheared his alpacas and they are looking very strange! Paddy the dog is cute but smelly because he keeps rolling in smelly things (why do dogs do that?)That’s the news from Dartmoor, Devon.

If you’d like to come and stay you can book one of our yurts by getting in touch with us here.

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