“Lake swims and campfires, showers in bluebells;
 Walking on Dartmoor, sawdustyloo smells; 
Barbeque sausages, mallow toastings; 
These are a few of our favourite things!!
  Awesome spot, awesome yurt, we had a fantastic time.” – Dodders, London

“Heaven on Earth!” – 
Ali, Beth and Hayden, Bristol

scan038“For our honeymoon we wanted a place where we could relax and recover from wedding preparations and enjoy time together. We couldn’t have chosen a better place!
“The yurt and facilities provide everything you could ever need, whilst letting you get back to basics and enjoy the great outdoors.
“The Moors are incredibly beautiful. We have had a wonderful time with no better way to start married life!” – John and Shelley, Burntwood

Hair straighteners & alpha male

“As a 17-year old girl who uses products, hair straighteners and a ‘phone daily, I was fairly sceptical of a long weekend in a ‘tent’ with no running water or electricity. However on arrival at the yurt I realised it was actually quite cool!!
“We camp often, but this is a completely different and BETTER experience as it’s closer to nature and playing ‘old fashioned’ is fun! Chopping wood and feeding it to the pot-bellied stove was great fun.
“Also it’s funny to watch your dad turn into an alpha male and pretend to be all manly!…All in all it was a pretty awesome weekend.” – 
Rosie, Stratford-on-Avon

“What an experience to wake up looking at the beautiful painted posts in the yurt. Everything is calm and peaceful. We have a duck visiting us every morning on the pond. Cooking breakfast in the little cooking outpost is fantastic. Even in the rain it was fun to hear the rain dripping on the roof. The little pixie bridge leading to the ‘eco loo’ and shower block.
“Everything so beautifully built and organised. The tranquil layout. Barbeques and log fires in the night. To top it all freshly cooked yummy veggie from Wendy and Larry’s plot.
“This week has given us the opportunity to think what is important in life. Thank you so much for everything. We will never forget and certainly would love to come back.” – 
Gerti, Mark, Thomas and Katja, Twickenham



“This was my opportunity to get my girlfriend into camping – and what better way to start than Glamping (glamorous camping)! The yurt is truly amazing, the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of London.”
- Hugo and Domino, London

“A perfect retreat to relax and enjoy the tranquillity of the perfect setting. Just sit back and take in the beauty of it all. Dartmoor’s perfect little secret.” – Steve and Kelly, Cornwall

“This has to be a fantastic winter getaway. It is so idyllic and peaceful here. This has been our first yurt experience and we loved it. Lovely, lovely, lovely.” – Vicky, Duncan, Rosie and Violet, Stratford-on-Avon

“Words don’t do it justice, so I’ll just say ‘thank you’.”

“To arrive on a stormy night to the beautiful door that opened onto a warm candlelit interior bedecked in rugs and cushions wasn’t just to step back in time, it was to step into another dimension – a fairytale.
“I’ve been in other yurts before but this was beautiful – and the fairytale continued the next day, when we found ourselves on the banks of a small lake, following the paths and bridge through the wood to other buildings in our enchanted little settlement.
“Magic notwithstanding, it is the thought and attention and indeed love that comes across. The guitar left ready for music to be drawn from its strings, the wood chopped and candles ready. A truly memorable 10th anniversary for us and highly recommended.”– Brian and Robyn


“Thank you so much for such a lovely place to spend our honeymoon. We have really enjoyed romantic, cosy evenings by the stove and walks on the Moor.
“Thank you for providing such a peaceful setting. We really have felt like we are in our own little world down here in the woods.” – Keith and Nicola

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